Zebra ZC10L large format card printer | One -sided | ZC10L-00QT0US00

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The ZC10L ™ Zebra was specially developed for the requirements of the hospitality industry and is the only large format direct-to-card printer that can print fully colored, borderless color cards in a printing process. Produce customer -specific, oversized badges, tickets/passes for sporting events and concerts, badges/passports for special events and festivals in full color - in a printing run.

Avoid ordering pre -printed tickets for various guest access levels at events. Instead, print cards in photo quality at the input point without rim. Since the cards are printed as required, you can adapt them to the individual needs of your guests. This adds personalization, reduces waste and eliminates the risk that a certain card type will run out when the presence changes. With a print quality of 300 dpi, the ZC10L enables users to create cards with extraordinary pictures in photo quality, rich colors and razor -sharp text.

The main market for the ZC10L is:

  • Hospitality

The most important applications include:

  • Guest access cards for event entries for different access levels
  • ID cards for event participants
  • Concert tickets/passes
  • Conference cards
  • Fan/press tickets/passports for sporting events
  • Advertising and sponsoring handout cards
  • Personnel cards for festivals/concerts

The ZC10L from Zebra was specially developed for the requirements in the hospitality industry and is the only large format direct-to-card printer that can produce full-colored PVC cards from edge to edge in a printing process. Print individual cards in photo quality as required. Avoid ordering and inventory to pre -order and inventory. Reduce the waste of unusable, remaining cards.

The ZC10L is a modified 300 DPI photo printer and therefore offers exceptional image quality-especially for background graphics and photos. Users can combine the Cardstudio ™ card design software from Zebra with the excellent color print in photo quality of the ZC10L to design and produce beautiful cards with appealing graphics, razor-sharp text, barcodes and images.

Customers can create visually convincing cards with high -quality designs that enable additional sources of income by absorbing sponsor logos and advertising positions. Take photos of guests at the entrance and print individual, marginal cards on site. Create permanent guest memories, not just tools for access to events.

Zebra ZC10L large format card printer-data sheet

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