Evolis ID card printer

Evolis is the world leader in ID card printers. Their innovative ID card printers offer both print quality and reliability. Additionally, they provide users with top-notch service and support. Countless industries around the world rely on Evolis printers, which offer a wide range of additional features and are used to produce all types of ID cards.

Why choose Evolis card printers?

Evolis is considered by many to be Apple in the ID card printer business. This is because their printers are known for smooth compatibility with MAC computers as well as PCs.

The company is headquartered in France and has hundreds of distribution partners who supply Evolis printers to consumers in 140 countries around the world.

The main advantages of choosing an Evolis ID card printer include:

•   versatility – Evolis design printers can be easily modified and upgraded to meet the changing needs of the user.
•   quality assurance – Evolis carries out strict quality controls at several production stages and offers a certified training program for resellers of its products.
•   environmental responsibility – The company attaches great importance to controlling the environmental impact of both its production and the life cycle of its printers.

What are our best selling Evolis printers?

The Evolis Primacy ID card printer offers incredible value with a relatively low price but excellent speed and features. This makes it a great choice for small or medium-sized businesses that have moderate volume needs.

Incredibly reliable and easy to use, the Primacy offers excellent print quality from ID cards to the edge. It can print up to 225 full color cards per hour. The Evolis Primacy double-sided wireless model offers even more options for ID card printing.

Looking for a printer that can rewrite cards? Everyone's favorite Evolis Tattoo2 Rewritable ID card printer is equipped with technology that can rewrite the same ID card up to 500 times! This is an ideal choice for those considering economical printing for things like travel cards, membership and loyalty cards, and student ID cards.

Why choose Cards-X?

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