Matica XID8300 Retransfer card printer | Dual Sided

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This XID8300 is the best-selling retransfer printer from Matica and is considered the work horse in the industry because it simply continues and offers the best reliability and print quality for the 300 DPI reader pressure.

Retransfer technology is highly recommended to all customers who print on chip cards. Due to the printing technology of the retransfer, the print head never really touches the card, which ensures that your chip remains fully functional.

With this first-class retransfer printing technology, you can print "over the edge" designs on your plastic card to ensure that you get the best print quality.

The XID8300 is available as a single or double-sided print and also has various other modular upgrades such as magnetic strip coding, contact chip and contactless chip coding as well as an optional laminator for customers who search for additional visual safety elements and features on your ID card.

Ideal for all service prints or for environments with a high pressure volume.

Click here to download the XID8300 data sheet.

Click here to download the XID8300 user manual

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