Matica Mc-L card laminator

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What can the MC-L laminating printer do?

The mc-l laminating module, which is easy to install and can be used, is also super fast and laminates both sides of the card thanks to the simultaneous double-sided laminating printing process in less than 20 seconds. The inline version can be easily connected to the high-resolution retransfer card printmat MATICA MC660 thanks to the connection plate included in the scope of the laminator. 

Perfect integration of the MC-L lamination printer

Available in two versions, you can select an in-line lamination printer model that is connected to the MATITICA MC660 Retransfer card printer, or an independent model with an external input funnel for autonomous operation, and both can vertical on a wide range Markets and applications work.

Increased security through laminated pressure of the MC-L

The pre-personalized cards are laminated with the MC-L by a hot seal film. This film can either be transparent or holograms and other visual safety elements (VSE) contain for increased security. Under Chromxpert, Matica offers a large selection of spots and laminated foils, with or without holograms.

Customer -specific design or generic holographic foils help to protect the cards from manipulation. In terms of security, this lamination offers an additional protection level - crucial for official certification, for organizations with high sensitive security requirements and everyday safe documents such as driver's licenses.

Large durability of laminated cards

A bonus spin-off lies in the increased durability and extended lifespan of the map, which results from the improved mechanical and UV resistance of the lamination material. Resident Cards, Corporate Physical Access Cards and Campus Cards for students / scientific staff are constantly exposed to use and sunlight as well as temperature fluctuations. By laminating MATICA MC-L, you extend the lifespan of the card and give the card a professional finish.

Both models, inline and standalone, are available in three different configurations: one -sided lower cassette, one -sided upper cassette and double -sided for more flexibility.

Compatible with the Retransfer ID card printer MC660.

Click here to download the MC-L data sheet.