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What can the MC-L lamination printer achieve? 

Easy to install and operate, the MC-L lamination module is also super fast, laminating both sides of the card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous dual-side lamination printing process. The in-line version is easily connected to the Matica MC660 high resolution retransfer card printer owing to the connection plate included with the lamination unit. 

Perfect integration of the MC-L lamination printer 

Available in two versions, you can choose from an in-line lamination printer model connected to the Matica MC660 retransfer card printer, or a stand-alone model with an external input hopper for autonomous operation, and both can work on a broad range of vertical markets and applications.

Enhanced security with laminated printing by the MC-L 

The pre-personalized cards are laminated using the MC-L by a heat-sealing film. This film can be either clear or contain hologram and other visual security elements (VSE) for enhanced security. Matica has a wide range of patches and laminates films under chromXpert, and with or without holograms.

Custom design or generic holographic foils help to protect the cards against tampering. In security terms, this lamination provides an extra layer of protection – crucial for government credentialing, for organizations with high-level sensitive security requirements and everyday secure documents such as driving licenses.

Great durability of laminated cards

A bonus spin-off lies in the increased durability and extended life of the card, which arises from the enhanced mechanical and UV resistance of the lamination material. Resident cards, corporate physical access cards and campus cards for students / academic staff are constantly in use and exposed to sunlight as well as changes in temperature. By laminating them with Matica´s MC-L you will increase the card’s life cycle and add a professional finish to the card.

Both models, in-line and stand-alone, are available in three different configurations: single-side lower cassette, single-side upper cassette and dual sided for enhanced flexibility.

Compatible with the MC660 retransfer ID card printer.

Click Here to Download the MC-L datasheet.


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