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Produkt Beschreibung

The Matica inline ILM modules have been designed to offer additional security features to your identification cards, and modularity to the entire XID 8 series of retransfer printers, thus offering our customers the highest level of security features no matter their use.

Adding a stock or custom laminate to your card, will not only give you additional (VSE's) visual security features, it will also extend and prolong the life of the card.

As the demand for tamper-proof ID cards continues to increase, Matica has added laminating modules to their product portfolio. 

After printing the ID card on your XID 8 series retransfer printer, an additional protective layer is then applied to the card surface using the optional EDIsecure Inline Laminating Module. This can be printed on one or both sides of the card.

The Matica Laminating Modules are available for single-sided (ILM-LS) and double-sided (ILM-DS) inline lamination as an option for the XID8 series and XID9x00e retransfer printers. 

The Matica ILM-LS and ILM-DS can be retrofitted to existing XID printer installations at any time.

Click Here to Download the ILM Datasheet