Magicard 600 ID card printers on both sides

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The products of the Magicard brand are the most popular card director printer in the United Kingdom, not only because they are manufactured in the United Kingdom, but also because they are high -quality printer at the right price for small and medium -sized companies.

If you are looking for an ID card printer who has all the frills, then you are exactly right with the Magicard 600. The print quality of this card printer is at a different level and has a variety of integrated safety functions.

If you still haven't decided, Magicard has secured his product with a problem-free "Magicoverplus" guarantee. Magicard takes care of her customers if you have a problem with your Magicard ID card printer in the unlikely case. The standard 3-year Magicover guarantee includes a free replacement in the event of a damaged print head or a unusual printer.

By default, the Magicard 600 is equipped with integrated functions such as Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated security functions such as "Digital Shredding", in which the data is used as soon as they are used to print the card, which makes them irretrievably. This helps you to comply with European GDPR legislation.

The Magicard 600 also has another integrated security feature that offers the possibility of printing a unique Holokote® water sign on any card that can be your logo or branding. Each card printer has up to 10 customer -specific Holokotes® for fighting fraud.

If you finally look for a quick pressure speed, then do not search more than for the Magicard 600 ID card printers, which can print an ID card in 18 seconds, which means that you can print 190 cards per hour.