Dascom DC-3300 direct-to-card printers | One -sided | 28.838.0014

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Dascom DC -3300 - directly to the card printer, one -sided. 

+ Free Badgemaker Start Out -of -White Software

+ Free Ymcko color band / prints 500 cards!

The Dascom DC-3300 is the perfect choice as an ID printer for all customers who are looking for an inexpensive ID printer to create their ID cards.

This direct-to-card printer has an above-average pressure resolution of 300 x 1200 points per inch and uses thermosublimation technology.

The printer speed is one of the fastest in the industry and produces 220 full-colored YMCK Foto-ID cards per hour or 1000 cards per hour if you print in monochrome such as black, white or metallic colors.

You can print on many maps such as PVC, PET and PET-G as long as they have the credit card standard format ISO CR80 (85.6 x 53.98 mm).

USB as the standard for connection to every Windows-based PC.

The input compartment holds a whopping 100 cards, while the output compartment can absorb 30 printed cards.

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Product number: 28.838.0014.