Simple red 10 mm lanyards with J-clip made of plastic (100 pieces)

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Most-selling "twisting-free" plastic clip lanyards

Our premium lanyards are available in different colors and enable their employees or visitors to show their ID so that they are easily recognizable from afar.

By default, they are delivered with a safety separator to ensure that they easily loosen from the person's neck when pulling on the liability.

The width "twisting -free" plastic clip for the lanyards was developed to keep an ID holder safely in order to reduce the movement of the holder, which ensures that your ID card is ensuredremains directed forward.

1 cm (10 mm) wide and 90 cm (900 mm) long, which is the standard size for lanyards.

Sold in packs with 100 pieces. 

Product number: LY-RD