Evohold recyclable double -sided ID cuffs in landscape format - navy blau (100 pieces)

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Recyclebare ID cuffs

Our recyclable ID cuffs of our own brand are completely recyclable, either sent back to our plastic recycling container or to process them into new products.

They are the most cost -effective covers we have.

Made by us in Great Britain.

Sold in packs with 100 pieces

Developed to keep a standard ID, with holes on the top for objects such as Lanyards Und Clips.

If you are not displayed as in stock, don't worry, just order and we manufacture it in just 1 to 3 days.

Product number: RDSL-Marineblau

Product dimensions
L: 34.5cm B:20.5cm H: 7cm

Total weight per 100: 786 grams