Evohold antimicrobial double -sided ID cover in portrait format - light blue (100 pieces)

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Antimicrobial ID cover

In order to protect them and prevent cross contamination, our antimicrobial covers are in the same way as ours recyclable Halter made with the Biomaster-Aditive in it.

1. Biomaster disturbs the growth of the bacterial cell because it binds to the cell wall.
2. The biomaster ions stop the energy production of the bacterial cell.
3. The DNA of the cell is interrupted by the biomaster reaction mass made of silver chloride and titanium dioxide

Since Biomaster uses three options to stop the growth of bacteria, it is far more stronger and more effective than conventional disinfectants and other antimicrobial means.

Our antimicrobial owners passed ISO 22196 (antimicrobial products).



How does the antimicrobial additive work? Take a look at our short video below.

Click here to download the antimicrobial FAQ document

Product number: ADSP-Hellblau

Product dimensions
33.5cmB:20 cmH:6cm

Total weight per 100836 grams