DATACARD SD460 ID card printers | Bilateral input compartment for 100 cards | 507428-001

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Note: When ordering the SD460 you must also do the right one Laminating module acquire. 

The next level in the map edition Entrust Datacard has redesigned and redesigned the card printing technology to provide you with the breakthroughs you have been waiting for.

  • Tactile impression function that makes cards more secure
  • Faster system throughput - up to 200 one -sided maps per hour - with less downtime
  • Inexpensive safety and durability features, lower overall operating costs
  • A unique cardendebow function, which is patented to the patent, that smoothes cards after laminating

Protect your company with extended security and durability. In view of constant threats to your company, the protection of your employees, premises and critical assets requires strategies and technologies of the next generation for your ID card program. The DATACARD® SD460 ™ card printer with standard laminating device addresses your concerns directly by offering extraordinary security and durable cards. This card printer offers exhibitors innovative, yet affordable offers, including high-performance overlays, a unique tactile impression and a mapping function.

Innovation that counts. A tactile printing personalization function increases security by creating an impression on the map that you can see and feel, which clearly visits change attempts. Choose from a series of standard designs or create an individual design especially for your company to increase security and your brand. Transparent and holographic DATACARD® Durashield ™ -Ooverlays raise security and durability to a new level by offering a complete cover of edge to edge that can be practically impossible to remove intact, and offer the four-fold durability of simple cover layers-and for almost same price.

Single-pass efficiency. Code contactless and contactless smart chips and magnetic strips or add line codes to make cards completely compatible with access control and other automated systems. You can also choose the safety and durability you need with a number of high-performance cover paints, polyester patches and overlays. All of this from a single system that offers a faster throughput and a unique mapping function that smoothes cards after laminating.

A complete, integrated solution. The card printer SD460 offers an open platform for integration into a variety of environments. In combination with DATACARD® software, consumables and services, you now have a reliable solution to lift security and durability to the next stage. 

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Product number: 507428-001