Blank white printable self-adhesive PVC cards - pack of 100

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Blank white printable self-adhesive PVC cards - pack of 100 

These self -adhesive white plastic cards have a thickness of 320 microns. Simply print out in every desktop ID card printer, then remove the carrier paper on the back of the card in order to vacate the self-adhesive back, and attach it to another card or another required.

Ideal for sticking on high-quality door access technology cards or clamshell cards, since simply pull off the adhesive card when used and attach a new one, which saves the high replacement costs of the technology card.

These cards are an extremely useful product and are used every day by thousands of organizations and individuals for their ID requirements.

Standard credit card size (86 mm x 54 mm) and 320 micrometers thickness.

Shrinkling packed in single packs with 100 cards per pack