Blank white biodegradable printable PVC cards - pack of 100

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Blank white biodegradable printable PVC cards - pack of 100

These environmentally friendly cards are made from an innovative PVC resin that was treated in such a way that it is completely biodegradable. Under normal conditions, they work as well as our standard cards, but when they are introduced in a fertile environment (e.g. compost, landfill, landfill, land, soil, lakes, rivers and the sea), the degradation process begins in 1-5 years is completed. The microbes settle on the surface, which use the carbon backbone of the polymer chain as an energy source. Think green - go to organic!

These biodegradable empty white plastic cards are both high quality and completely compatible in order to be printed with every ID card printer. These very popular cards, which are very popular and in large quantities, are used daily by thousands of organizations and individuals for their ID requirements.

Standard credit card size (86 mm x 54 mm) and thickness (760 micron).

Shrinkling packed in single packs with 100 cards per pack.