Zebra ZXP 9 Series Retransfer ID card printers | One -sided | USB, Ethernet, contact, contactless encoder | Z91-A00C0000EM00

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Photo -like image quality, consistently market leading

Of theRetransfer ID card prints The second generation of the ZBRA ZXP series is now available with 600 dpi and delivers photo-like image quality with a throughput.

Users benefit from a variety of new functions that simplify the establishment and operation of the printer: use Android devices and the NFC Print Touch ™ function immediately to printer formations and support or call them directly with any smart device and QR the printer's support website Code technology. The printing device and operation are simplified by a driver and a toolbox with a completely new user interface.

as ID card printer The second generation benefits the ZXP Series 9 from all improvements that have been made to the previous generation. The printer contains additional changes that aim to improve the reliability of the printer - which means less downtime of the printer and cards in consistent quality from start to finish. 

The card printer ZXP Series 9 offers:

  • 300 or 600 dpi pressure resolution
  • Faster throughput
  • Excellent print quality
  • Exceptional cost savings
  • Flexible, problem -free operation
  • Immediate access to print information and support
  • Remote printer monitoring
  • Additional safety functions, optional magnetic strip and smart card coding as well as the software and SDK options from Zebra for simple application integration
  • Free card test support

The main markets for the ZXP Series 9 printers are:

  • government
  • Retail and gastronomy
  • training
  • Service office

The most important applications include:

  • Applications with high and medium volume
  • Higher ID and access control cards
  • Government ID cards, maps and access control cards
  • Employee, student and identity cards and access control cards
  • Personalized gift, member and loyalty cards
  • Smart cards for trips, games and entertainment

Use Print Touch ™ and QR code technology to immediately access print information and support. Show the printer settings and the status of network printers and manage a large number of network printers from all over the world with the optional print monitor from Zebra.


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Zebra ZXP9 Retransfer card printer data sheet

Product number: Z91-A00C0000EM00