Zebra ZC100 ID card printers with USB and magnetic strip coders | One -sided | ZC11-0M00000M00

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Unsurpassed simplicity and flexibility - in a slim design

Regardless of whether users have to print one-sided employee ID cards or membership and event guest cards, the card printing is a crucial aspect of their business. The deployment flexibility and the time that is required to print and manage your card release solutions affect your business - from brand image to the productivity of employees to general operational efficiency and operating costs. The ZC100 builds on the legacy of the ZXP Series 1 card printer and is a new type of card printer that was developed to meet all requirements. Users receive a groundbreaking simple operation and the flattest design that fits everywhere, together with a toolbox of additional functions that make integration, use and management of the ZC100 even easier.

The ZC100 - if only the best one -sided card printer is sufficient.

The main markets for the ZC100 card printer are:

  • Access control
  • training
  • Retail/hospitality
  • Financial services

The most important applications include:

General access control

  • Employee ID


  • Access control cards for identification and access to facilities for K-12 and university campus


  • Membership cards
  • Events and season tickets
  • Guest/passenger cards
  • Recovery of food safety

Financial services

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards

Regardless of whether you print employee ID cards to ensure security in your facility, or print guest cards and membership cards for your customers, the one -sided card printing plays an important role in your company. You want a card printer that minimizes the effects on your operational efficiency and productivity of your employees - a card printer that is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage. With the ZC100 you can have everything.

You get elegant technology for groundbreaking simplicity. The ZC100 is plug-and-play, ready for use-no configuration required. The sophisticated map of the card automatically adapts to the card strength. The new driver offers a graphical user interface that brings the management of the printing process and the appearance of your printed cards to a new level of simplicity. There is only one way to insert the color ribbon for a foolproof color band change in the printer - and with intelligent chips in the color ribbons, you can be sure that you always change the color tapes before you are consumed, which avoids unnecessary downtimes of the printer. Do you have to insert a card manually? The light guide eliminates any confusion and leads the users to where and how the card is to be inserted. And with support for many different languages, the ZC100 is ready for use in every part of the world.

The groundbreaking "Fits everywhere" design is at home everywhere in your company-from offices and back rooms to areas with customer contact. Due to the narrowest profile and the lowest distance requirements, the ZC100 fits practically anywhere and offers greater flexibility. Safety functions enable a risk-free card pressure in publicly accessible areas, from a printer coverage lock that prevents the theft of map material and printed cards, through state-recognized encryption to protect the most sensitive data up to printer-to-host authentication, in order to be unauthorized applications prevent or mobile devices from printing cards. The optional magnetic strip coder and the integration kit for contactless coders offer more flexibility in card printing. The pressure speed is up to 30 % higher than for the predecessor, the ZXP Series 1 card printer, so that employees spend less time printing and more time for more important tasks-and spend less time to wait for the card print. And Print DNA offers additional printer software that makes it easier than ever to integrate the card printing into your apps, design cards and support your ZC100 card printers.

The ZC100 - if only the best one -sided card printer is sufficient.

Zebra ZC100 ID card printer data sheet