Simple light green 10 mm linyards with rotatable metal clip (100 pieces)

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Mest selling metal lanyards with rotatable clip

Our high -quality lanyards made of flat mesh are very discreet and pleasant to wear, available in different colors and enable your employees to show their ID so that they are easily recognizable from afar.

By default, you are delivered with a breakaway to ensure that you easily detach yourself from the person of the person when pulling the connecting agent.

Our universal slider adapter enables your employees or visitors to place the Safety Breakaway in every position on the Lanyard, and is delivered with a rotating hook made of nickel-plated steel to attach your card holder. Perfect for ID cards.

1 cm (10 mm) wide and 91.4 cm (914 mm) long, which is the standard size for lanyards.

Product number: LY-LGR-M