Magicard Pronto 100 ID card printers-3100-0001

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The smallest, fastest and highest quality ID card printer in its class; The Pronto 100 is a groundbreaking device that has been optimized with Clix Remote User Management and meets Magicard's environmental promise.


In addition to the printing of 3 standard Holokote (R) designs, the PRONTO100 is equipped with the "digital shredding" function of Magicard, which makes data transmitted to the printer after use, which contributes to the data security of the user and compliance with the GDPR improved.

High speed and photo quality.

The Pronto100 offers the highest speed in the smallest package available today: Color in photo quality: 23 seconds (standard), 18 seconds (high-speed) /monochrome: 4.7 seconds.

User management.

The CLIX remote user interface helps you to manage all aspects of the printer device, maintenance, diagnosis and operation. It enables the management of deliveries and enables the setup of proactive order mechanisms.

Concentrate on the environment.

The Pronto100 marks the beginning of Magicard's development towards devices with a high degree of integrated recyclability, which are produced and packed at over 75 % of recyclable or recyclable material.

Click here to download the Pronto user manual