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LCP9660 basic unit includes

  • MC660 Retransfer ID card printer
  • MC-LX, 10-W fiber laser module (mopa technology)

Combine the advantages of the high -resolution retransfer pressure with the performance of a laser engravier to achieve unprecedented security and fake security for sensitive government documents and corporate cards.

The LCP9660 color laser personalization system from Matica is on the latest state of the art. Its innovative color and fiber laser personalization system provides highly safe, fully colored, personalized cards in a single round. It is created by two modules: by connecting the MC660 A high-resolution color-retransfer printing module-with the MC-LX, the third generation of Matica's desktop laser module. It produces a personalized card that is characterized by an excellent 600 DPI image and accelerated security standards thanks to the laser procedure, in which information is engraved into the card body.

Scalability of the parallel workflow for identification programs

Advanced protection and accelerated speed are crucial for the effective exhibition of highly secure ID cards, be it personnel cards, driver's licenses, green cards or voters.

Projects that require additional protection and efficiency will find what they are looking for in the parallel workflow of the card personalization process of the LCP9600. Inline production and the modular structure shorten the production time of the personalization process without affecting quality or security features. In addition, there is easy operation and minimal maintenance, which leads to lower training and production costs.

The LCP9660 system can be scalable so that it can react to the constantly changing production requirements of customers. In the knowledge that every project is unique, Matica ensures that its solutions offer an innovative level of flexibility. And this state-of-the-art fiber laser and color personalization system is no exception.

Matica customers will enjoy the simple upgrade to the LCP9660 and at the same time secure an excellent investment return due to its scalability. It doesn't matter how big or small or how challenging the size of a project is, additional modules will always be available to facilitate an extension. Adding the Inline laminating module MC-L is a perfect example.

Unsurptioned highly secure registration information

The output of cards that cannot be fake has become a gold standard dream destination over the years. Governments are still increasingly investing in the search for ways to combat counterfeits, and here the LCP9660 comes into play.

Its innovative color engraving solution uses the advantages of advanced visual security features from the over-the-edge colored-colored retransfer technology-essentially it brings the performance of a laser engraving machine in industrial quality to a desktop format.

In a first stage, the pressure module can increase the safety of the card. One of the most outstanding characteristics of visual safety elements (VSE) include:

  • Microtext hidden in the design of the card and only visible by a magnifying glass.
  • Printing data with UV color tape, so that information for the authorities can only be seen with UV light, which is possible with YMCKUV color tape.
  • New security band YMCKSC for creating a unique waterproof design with variable reflective ink, which increases the number of VSEs on each card.

In the second step, the laser unit inserts personal information in the card body, which adds additional counterfeiting protection measures. This means that every attempt to manipulate data automatically leads to the destruction of the entire document.

It is also possible to mark the card with a laser to create microtext, cli and mli, tactile effects, braille, MRZ, ghost pictures, tru/Window lock or matica secure protected image (MSPI ™). As an optional upgrade, the lamination module can apply a transparent or custom holographic film that offers the card additional durability and protection.

The LCP9660 offers a solution that offers any kind of flexibility and, above all, is incredibly inexpensive. Its engraving skills also ensure excellent performance in quality and accelerated speed on most materials used for standard and special applications, including PC, PETG and ABS.

MC-LX-unprecedented desktop laser module

The new, innovative desktop laser module MC-LX has a sophisticated card transport method that enables the card to tilt in all directions so that the laser beam can reach all areas of the card.

A new card transport system called "Scratch-Free" Tripode, registered for the patent, ensures smooth transport during production. The integrated flip-over and vertical adjustment for "out-of-focus" effects reduces the number of hardware parts and makes the activation of options practically installed. In contrast to previous desktop laser modules, MC-LX was updated without the need for mirrors or additional hardware parts, while visual safety elements such as CLI and MLI are carried out.

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