DATACARD SD160 Direct-to-card printer with MAG option-one-sided (510685-002)

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Note: The ID card printer SD160 is now set, we have alternative models available; The entrust Sigma series.

DATACARD SD160 Direct-to-card printer with MAG option-one-sided, 100 card attraction, MAG CODING.

High performance at entry-level level  

  • Corporate IDS
  • Health certificates
  • Student, visitor or employee ID cards
  • Retail, hospitality and loyalty cards
  • Customs of the local authorities
  • Visitor IDS

Start your identity program  The DATACARD® SD160 ™ card printer offers the perfect mix of affordability, security and simplicity to start your program for the exhibition of ID cards. This cost-effective ID card printer is an expansion of our proven DATACARD® SD series and offers the right combination of technologies that you need to print high quality cards efficiently and inexpensively. With rewriting printing, inline magnetic coding, a unique UV pressure security function and intuitive operation, the versatile SD160 card printer enables you to meet a variety of requirements for the exhibition of IDs-and at the same time to protect your business result.

Affordable costs, long -term value. This unique, economic system is the clever choice for the production of a variety of high-quality photo ID cards or ID cards at lower costs per card and can be scaled with your growing needs and requirements. 

Proven reliability. Our improved technology platform offers absolute reliability, secured by our 24-month guarantee. Print and personalize outstanding color and black and white cards with high-quality, fully colored or single-color photos, graphics and texts. 

Ultimate versatility and flexibility. The SD160 card printer offers full color, monochrome or rewriting prints with single-pass efficiency-plus inline coding. You can encode magnetic strips for physical or logical access control and machine-readable authentication and rewrite cards without the time and cost of a new exhibition. 

Economic security. In contrast to card printer at comparable prices, this system contains a UV intimate option that prints an invisible safety layer. Add other security levels by printing logos, graphics, photos, signatures and other information to protect your employees, places and processes.

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Product number: 510685-002.