Ribbons for Card Printers

Ribbons for ID card printers are available in many different formats. They range from standard full color and monochrome options to fluorescent and UV ribbons. We stock a full range of ID card printer ribbons from the leading manufacturers so you are sure to find the ideal option for your printer. Not sure which ribbon you need? Why not browse our FAQs below, contact our friendly team or read our guide to choosing the right ribbon.

Frequently asked questions about ribbons

What is a printer ribbon?

A ribbon is the consumable part of your ID card printer that needs to be replaced like a normal printer ink cartridge. It contains colored dyes and a clear overlay to seal and protect the printing on your plastic cards.

What are the most popular types of ID card printer ribbons?

The standard types of ribbons we have available include:


YMCKO-Vollpanel – These ribbons are suitable for single or double-sided card printers. They feature five panels, including full color and black for printed text and images, and an overlay panel to add extra protection to the card.

YMCKO Halbpanel This is an ideal choice for those printing to a single-sided printer when full color printing is not required. It offers higher black printing capacity as well as a protective overlay element

YMCKOK This is the ribbon of choice if you are printing full color on one side of your ID card and text/barcodes on the other side. It was developed for double-sided printers, but it is also suitable for single-sided models.

Monochrome – Monochrome ribbons consist of only one color. They are most commonly used to print text on cards on a single-sided printer. Only one ribbon panel is used at a time, so you generally get more prints per ribbon.

KOKO tapes feature black panels followed by a protective overlay. They are perfect when you want to print black text, images or barcodes on a card while optimizing the life of the print.

What other types of bands are there?

Special ribbons with additional features are available to improve the security and appearance of your printed cards. These include:

Fluorescent or UV ribbons – An additional UV panel on the belt ensures great safety. Elements visible only under UV light can be printed on the card.

inhibitor bands – This is an additional option for those using a retransfer ID card printer. An additional "I" panel on the ribbon prevents certain areas of the card from being reprinted, such as signature panels.

scrape ligaments – This type of ribbon allows you to print cards with a scratch panel on top. If you use the plastic card, you have to remove it with a nail or a coin to reveal the data printed underneath.

lamination tapes – This is the most secure ribbon available, requiring a dedicated laminating printer. It has added built-in features to optimize the lifespan and security of printed cards.

Who are the leading ribbon manufacturers?

At Cards-X we stock ribbons from the world's leading ID card printer brands. These include:

How should I store and dispose of ribbons?

It is important to safely dispose of a printer ribbon once it has been used. This is because certain data may remain on the ribbon after use. They should therefore either be shredded immediately or placed in a secure container which will be emptied regularly by a confidential disposal service.

Why order from cards-x?

Not only do we offer a low price promise on our wide range of ribbons, but we can also offer free delivery within Germany on all orders over EUR 150.00.

Our friendly team is very knowledgeable and happy to advise you on the best option for your printer. Contact us today for a non-binding conversation about your requirements.