Matica's chromXpert consumable program

Matica's chromXpert consumable program

Matica Technologies genuine consumables have been exclusively designed to work together in perfect harmony with Matica desktop card printers.

All Matica consumables have been grouped under a new premium ribbon program, called chromXpert, which has been designed to produce the very best image quality with Matica card printing systems.

Proven performance, top quality and colour consistency combined with additional benefits and unique features like security ribbons.

Chromxpert by Matica

Diamond Line vs Platinum. What is the difference?

The below table illustrates the most popular selling Matica chromXpert consumables, and shows both Diamond & Platinum consumables available.

Printer Comparison Matica

*XID8100 only available with YMCK and retransfer film options for consumables.


Every consumable that starts with the part number "PR" is part of the latest Diamond line chromXpert consumable program, and everything that starts with the part number "DIC" is part of the Existing Platinum line of chromXpert consumable program.

Why have Matica launched a second line of consumables?

Matica decided to launch a new line of consumables to compliment the release of their brand-new desktop range of desktop card printers, and to reconcile products and new part codes alike. This includes launching a second line of consumables for the world renown XID retransfer card printer series, which are more competitively priced, without substituting quality or reliability of print.

The new chromXpert Diamond Line are perfect for those customers looking for quality of print, whilst remaining competitively price to keep up with the cheaper, lesser quality competitors in the marketplace.

chromXpert by Matica

Do they work on the existing line of Matica XID series printers?

100% you can use the Platinum or Diamond Line chromXpert consumables on ALL the Matica XID series, old and new, without the need for any hardware, software or firmware changes. You simply load and go printing!

Matica XID Range

Are Matica planning to discontinue the existing line of consumables?

No. As mention above the reason for the launch of the second line is to compliment the existing line, and new desktop ID card printers upcoming for Matica Technologies. Some might ask why they continue with the existing line of consumables if they are cheaper and the same quality. The simple answer is that some customers prefer Diamond Line and some customer prefer Platinum Line, and the opinion varies from continent to continent.

Expert opinion.

We have run several tests on the new Matica Technologies chromXpert consumables, and to us it’s a bit like Pepsi and Coca Cola. They both taste different, but in the end, they are both coke, and everyone has their favourite, yet one is cheaper than the other.

All chromXpert ribbons provide high-quality printing and ease of use, with a larger selection of consumables to choose from.

Each printer automatically recognises the ribbon type and knows exactly how to use it in the most optimised way.

Genuine Matica Ribbons provide status checks of the remaining ribbon and automatically alert when the ribbon is running low.

Only chromXpert consumables ensure maximum performance and maximum print head life.

Would you like more information or a sample pack of cards printed using the new Diamond Line consumables?


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