What are the benefits of laminating your ID card?

What are the benefits of laminating your ID card?

There are many reasons why customers choose to laminate their ID cards once they have printed them, but the main reasons are:

  1. Increase the life of your ID card
  2. Increase the durability
  3. Offer higher security features
  4. Ensuring your ID card is tamper and/or forgery proof

Card lamination

The type of features we associate normally with lamination are those we would see on high level security documents, such as National ID cards, or Driving Licenses, but we are now seeing these high security features being added to ID cards in other markets, such as corporate and education, where security is key to protection of employees, visitors and students.

By adding a lamination layer to your ID card, you can increase the cards life span by up to 10 years, as the additional layer protects the cards print against daily physical contact with items such as card readers, or exposure to UV/sunlight.

It is like adding a suit of armour to your ID card, it offers you protection from forgery, or being tampered with, but also adds levels of security features which can only be achieved using a card laminator.

The Print Process

Before laminating your ID card, you will need to first print and personalise it, and we would always recommend using a 600dpi retransfer printer such as the Matica XID8600 or MC660, because it gives you the best quality.

Once the card has been personalised, you then require another card printer called the laminator, this is used to add the lamination layer on top of the already personalised ID card. See picture below of a retransfer printer, and laminator which are “inline” with each other.

Matica XID 8300 with DS laminator

Laminators are usually supplied in two ways:

  • Inline lamination – This means that it bolts onto the retransfer or direct-to-card printer you have used to personalised the ID card.
  • Standalone Lamination – This is as simple as it sounds, it does not need to be attached to the card printer, and can be used as stand-alone unit to laminate your printed ID card.

The brand new Matica MC-L laminator is available in both options, and the Matica ILM is available inline only. If you already have an XID retransfer printer, or MC660, don’t worry, you can easily upgrade and connect your new laminator to your existing retransfer solution, all of these products are retrospectively upgradable.

 Matica MC-L

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