XID 9600e Retransfer Drucker

XID 9600e Retransfer Drucker

Hochleistungskartendrucker für hochwertige Ausweiskarten

Designed to last, the new XID9600e retransfer desktop printer is the perfect solution for on-the-spot issuance when it comes to heavy-duty cycles. It´s designed for service bureaus offering 600dpi high-performance card printing in addition to traditional direct-to-card personalization.

The XID9600e is the most sophisticated retransfer card printer offering in the desktop card issuance market. It is a part of the new Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) concept, offering a number of individual and unique hardware modules that can be combined.

Its unique card feeder module accommodates up to 350 cards while various encoders can be added in any combination. Additional feeder and encoder modules can be attached, so the number of accessible online cards can rise to 1,400. Together, the embedded PC and powerful middleware creates a new and unique card issuance solution.


1-4 Feeder / 350 - 1400 Karten
600 x 600 dpi
Parallel printing and encoding process

Technische Daten

Modus Retransfer
Modus Retransfer
Auflösung 600 dpi
Kontaktloss und Kontaktchip, Magnetstreifen
Format ABS, ISO CR80, PC (Polycarbonat), PET, PVC
Magazine Ausgabemagazin für 100 Karten
Einzug für 350 Karten / 1400 Karten

WIN7 - WIN10
Druckerabmessungen (L x B x H)
593 x 375 x 432 mm (23.33 x 14.77' x 17.00 inch), 32 kg (66.36 lbs)
Matica Original-Verbrauchsmaterialien